Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hunger Games

After seeing the Hunger Games this past Friday, I have to say that they did an amazing job! The movie  was just like the book! I cried a lot! :) I give it 12 stars out of 10!

I've been hearing a lot of controversy about the Hunger Games and the "bad message" that it portrays about teens killing each other. But, most of the people I've been hearing this from are people who haven't even read the books or seen the movie! That's a definite no-no if you're going to be critical about something. But what may surprise you (if you haven't read the books) is that the Hunger Games is not about the Hunger Games. It's about the Capitol. The Capitol is a horrible government that forces two tributes from the ages of 12-18 from each district to fight in the annual Hunger Games to show their power. The Hunger Games (the first book), merely explains what's going on and why this Katniss girl is going to do something that no one has even done. (SPOILER ALERT- don't read the next sentence if you don't want any spoilers!) She's going to bring down the capitol... and her first step is showing the Capitol that she's not just a piece in their games. She showed them by burying Rue in flowers, and bringing out the night lock when Seneca Crane reversed the rules at the end. 

If your going to have an opinion about the Hunger Games and you're going to say that its worldly and that its a horrible book series and movie... you should read the books or see the movie first. It's not two and a half hours of killing (more like 15 minutes or so if you add up all the killing scenes!) and it's not just some fad. It's a real story with real characters that you will understand and get to know. If you'll give them  a chance and lay down your opinions, these characters just might change your thoughts about the Hunger Games.